Saturday, January 2, 2010

What I've learned so far

Well, I've learned that if you want to make vegan cornbread you have to up the baking powder, use tofu and soymilk and then enjoy. Cause it rocks!

I've learned that all these carbs are making my stomach feel kinda puffy at night, but ok by morning. I also lost a bit of weight yesterday, but that probably is the lack of wine. :)

I've learned that it is pretty easy to make vegan meals for dinner (soup and stirfry tonight), but making breakfast (other than oatmeal and smoothies) is a whole different ball oh wax.

I've learned that being a vegan is hard... and I don't know that I am women enough for the job. but I sure am enjoying finding new recipes and ingredients!

A side note - kinda concerned about the vegan meat replacement patties. The book I'm reading recommends having them, but isn't that taking the natural out of it? I guess I am doing natural foods for week three, but it seems that I shouldn't buy these crazy things that I don't even recognize. (Well, as a healthy vegan I shouldn't.) I'll make bulgur patties Monday night for dinner and that is probably similar to the ingredients in the stores. Must remember to check...

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