Friday, January 8, 2010

Week Two

After one week of vegan-ness I have interesting information about substituting to get some of the saturated fats out of my diet (meat and butter). I will probably incorporate more tofu into our diet as well. On the whole the family liked the food. Little man especially likes soy products (will even eat plain soy yogurt, but not plain cow yogurt. I am about the same weight (kind of a bummer considering I haven't been drinking), but feel ok. My sleep is still the same (bad), but I think my mood has been more even.

Week two is superfoods. I know, that is cheating a bit as I have been up on superfoods for a while, but will try to eat as many per day for this week. I need to get some of the grains out of my body (as my digestive system isn't a fan), so will be mindful of the superfood pumpkin & broccoli categories to get some starches and dense veggies in to fill me up instead of grains.

Also, have figured out weeks three and four. Week three will be whole foods. As in non-processed, foods found as they grew. Should be easier for me than the hubbend. Week four will be integrative nutrition based of the book by Dr. Andrew Weil. This is one of the founders of the institute I am planning on attending this fall.

I feel like these four weeks will be interesting and different enough to give me a good feel for some different ways of eating. Probably not long enough on any (I already know I need to try the grains/bok choy breakfast of the vegan), but will try to fit these in later. Plus, I am just done with vegan-ness.

Yah for week two!


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  2. Mmmm. Bok choy. I was done with vegan-ness before I even began with it! :)