Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For some who hated

fish growing up it is interesting that my favorite food right now is salmon. I just grubbed a salmon burger I made the other night and reheated for lunch. I'm not a huge fan of re-heating (kinda like the Brahmans I recently found), but that was just awesome.

My two favorite things to eat right now are tuna and salmon. This fits right in with my eating aesthetic. I no longer eat botton feeders, much to the hubbend's chagrin, but I love the fish! My parents forced salmon on me when I was a teenager and new to Oregon. I HATED it. So I am probably muchmore suprised than you would know that I would like much less love the stuff. Who knew?

Growing up is interesting. If the kid is now in the body stage of development, does that now mean I am in the fish stage of eating? What is next? What is higher up on the food evolution chain?

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