Friday, October 30, 2009

this week in brooke

This week has been tough mentally. And what do I do when I am mentally scurrying around searching for the nebulous happiness? I eat. badly. Everyone does something like that - mine has always been food. I hate it, but I need to some way to cope when nothing is wrong, but it certainly doesn't seem right. What I know: I need to spend more time with my husband and less with my son. I need to spend more time interacting and less time avoiding interaction (watching tv, reading). I need to smile more and when I spend time with son be present to it. This is my life. Perhaps I need to make some changes, but I can't eat my way out of it. Nope. Guess I'll go call my grandmother now.

Oh, and I'm making yummy cashew chicken salad for dinner! I love any recipe where I make my own dressing.

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