Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have wonderful childhood memories of pomegranates. I used to walk down the street to the neighbor's property and pick pomegranates. I would take this home and then sit on our light posts, throw them on the ground to split them and then eat them in all their messy goodness.

I went many years broiling chicken and being a mediocre cook. How happy was I when I discovered this Pomegranate Chicken recipe? Soooo very very happy. I made it only on special occasions and was usually foiled by the time of year and limited pomegranate season. How happy was I when going throw my recipes I realized it was probably pomegranate season and I could make this for my family. Beta liked the pomegranates, Alpha liked the quinoa (sub for couscous) and I liked the combo. What a yummy meal when combined with some fresh brussel sprouts.

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