Monday, September 7, 2009

This thing I'm doing

I am 8 weeks into this thing I'm doing. It is called the HCG diet. I first heard of it from a friend who, after losing some weight, told me about it. But the thing is that she not only looked great because she lost weight, but she glowed with health. And that is what I am after. I have long been a healthy person who eats well, works out, and then eats crap. I was looking for a change in perspective and this diet seemed just the thing. I read Pounds and Inches, the book by Dr. Simeons where he describes the diet, why it is unique and how it is achieved. I was hooked and immediately called to set up an appointment with a naturopath.

After 25 days I lost the 23 pounds I didn't think I could lose. I had done it once before with Weight Watchers and I was STARVING. This time I wasn't and was able to finally get rid of the those post (and pre) - baby love handles. I am on my fifth week of maintenance and feel great. I had one blip last week and has been totally rectified.

The reason for this blog? Well, my loving husband is tired of hearing me talk about food, how to prepare food, what I'm making and the grocery store I will buy it in. I think I'll share it with you instead.

Oh, and I am working up a weekly spreadsheet to post my weight, exercise and diet. I have found it really helps seeing what I ate and how this affected my weight. I'm happy to share.

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