Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Lunch was yummy today. I had my first wrap since pre-diet. I am trying to reform my quesadilla-loving ways. My SIL told me about these high fiber whole wheat wraps and I used that with cabbage and hummus. I then had peppers with goat cheese and kiwi. Super yummy lunch. yah!

Wednesdays are tough for me as I have yoga at 5:30. I am usually super hungry by then, but it is not a good idea to eat for 3 hours before yoga. So my weekly conundrum is what to do to get enough food energy for yoga. I will probably have a snack in a little bit and hope that it holds me over.

On a general note, thus far my plan is failing. I totally talked to my husband last night about food, well, more about my body and how I have always wanted a six-pack. He was in a mellow enough mood that he hung with me for a while. He also thought it was an awesome goal. So do I, and think it would be awesome to achieve it at 34. Even for 5 minutes. :)

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