Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I enjoy patterns/ritual/stucture. I like the fact that I've planned my dinners for the next few nights and the ingredients are in the kitchen or will be after my New Seasons trip on Thursday. It sometimes seems like a burden to plan like that, but then I'm left to the whim of the moment and what happens? Crap. I had a great weekend of pretty good food, but this food left me feeling bloated, gassy and fat. And I was all these things. Still am, in fact. Cause this stuff has residual effects on the digestive system. I am hoping to work it out by this Thursday or I might have to take drastic action. This is known as a steak day. I so don't want to have to do this as I will be a horrible mamma and crankster if I have to do it. So, I am hoping my moderative, eat well approach will reign it in. I hope.

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