Saturday, December 5, 2009


I have been thinking about sacrifice and how it plays a role in what you eat. Here are the two options as I see them: eat perfectly and maintain weight, or eat pretty well, occasionally overindulge and then the result- the sacrifice. Most people I think do this on a subconscious level - they eat well during the week and overindulge on the weekend. That probably works well for most. For us overeaters though it isn't that unconscious. We must plan the ascetic day - the day of sacrifice or it just won't happen. Then weight is gained slowly but surely and you are no longer the thin/moderate/whatever-weighted person you were a few months ago.

So am I willing to sacrifice? Yup. Is it something I plan? Yup. I have a kind of weekly lower eating day on a day when I don't usually work out. Then when it gets to a point when I just don't feel like it is working any more then I do the big day of no eating (famously called the steak day). The thing I found today is that it worked well with yoga. I felt good and clear after not eating all morning and then a two hour class to finish the cleanse. Now I am feeling good and ready to start again tomorrow. Sacrifice sounds so bad, but it isn't, and it puts things in perspective. In fact, I need to play with my son now - that is where I belong.

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