Monday, December 14, 2009

The Power of the Apple

My dad eats at least one apple a day whether they are in season or not. He believes in them somehow. I've always been a fan of apples with peanut butter so am not that hard to convince that apples are good good stuff. I recently heard that apples dowsed in cinnamon (another fave of mine) are really good at supressing your appetite. So, tonight I tried it again. I am having mad craves for food. Something that tends to happen mid-month for me (call it women stuff if you'd like) and that is when I dive for the chips, crackers, etc that I ignore the rest of the month but that add up to the 1-2 pound increase that drives me crazy. So, this evening when the crave was calling I cut up an apple with my corer (something my dad never knew about even with his love of apples) and dowsed it with cinnamon. It worked! I have almost made it through the night, but know that I will. Weird, huh?

How many other spicely suprises are there to discover?

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