Friday, December 4, 2009


Todays goal: don't overeat at the end of the day thus ruining all the days good eating. Ok, I know it doesn't negate it, but I sure don't like myself for it. And then there is this - Why the fuck do I still do this? And if I felt like I just needed more carbs in my diet I would do it, but it is so not out of hunger. What is it? Boredom. When my cortisol is spiking and I can't think of anything else I eat. I tried reading, I write some, but inevitably the thought comes creeping in. (What about those chips? Ginger cookies?) And then I can't stop thinking about it. I am not a night time person so I can't go get an graveyard job and on the nights hubbend is watching basketball there just isn't much for me to do. What do you do at night?

uggh. so, my goal for today is to eat satisfying meals (two down, yummy) and to only eat when hungry. Shouldn't be so hard, right?

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