Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I need a way to have some food in the car (non perishable) so that when I find myself at the gym lacking energy I can eat this thing and work out harder.  Despite the opinion of the 70 year old man who yesterday complimented my workout as "The best he had seen in this club in years" (A club where the average age is 50 :).  I am not feeling I am working out to my full potential.  I have felt lacking in energy and running has been downright HARD.  My mom commented that I hadn't eaten much on Sunday and it made me think.  I probably hadn't eaten enough to run well.  Then I thought over the past year and how I have gotten used to being a little hungry (or rather, not full), but that with the increased duration, intensity and frequency of my workouts I might not actually be consuming enough calories to work out harder.  I have started removing some coffee from my diet as that is adding to my dehydration - often I think I am tired and I really just need a big glass of water.  So, water, check.

And for food energy I am going to add more whole grains into my diet and ignore the growth of my belly until I figure out the balance.  But that brings me back to my original point.  What often happens is that in all my running around I end up hungry and thirsty and at the gym.  I would love it if I would remember the granola bars or something like that, but I probably need something non-perishable.  A energy bar?  My electrolyte powder?  Any ideas?


  1. we like lara bars and bumblebars for energy and they keep well in the car too. they don't have any additives or fillers in them and taste really good. i think that i have an extra cherry chocolate bumblebar that i could drop in your produce box at Christina's sometime if you want to try it.

    or you can find both kinds of bars at new seasons.

  2. Would love to try them out, Becky, thanks for the rec!

  3. k, i'm headed to Christina's tomorrow before we head out to the pumpkin patch. i found one chocolate cherry bumblebar and one cherry pie lara bar in my bag. just a heads up, they are kinda squished, but that shouldn't affect the flavor : ) i'll leave them in a bag w/ your name on them