Thursday, April 12, 2012

Not My Fight

 I recently started a long term sub position as a High School Librarian.  Filling in during someone’s maternity leave would allow me to get back in the library to decide whether it is something I still want to do and more importantly, TO MAKE MONEY.  You see, my husband works for the State of Oregon and has been furloughed at least every other month for the past three years.  So, we need the money.

When I found out, within weeks of me starting at this position, that the teacher’s union might strike, I groaned.  I am not a union member.  I am here to work.  We have increased daycare costs associated with this decision.  We need me to make money so I can pay for it.  This is not my fight.

As my husband said last night, “This is so something that would happen to you”.  Of course it is.  This is my life.  I finally get a regular job.  I go to work every morning at the crack ass of dawn to a job I don’t like so I can help support our family and they want to take the money away.  This is so my life.

I respect what these teacher’s want.  I am very interested in the process.  I am intrigued to see how it all turns out.  But this is not my fight. 

The press is out front.  The students are inside like any other day.  What will happen on April 22?  We shall see. 

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