Saturday, March 13, 2010

Workout vs Diet

I am reminded that the workout and the diet actually serve different functions. The workout gives you strength, flexibility, endurance and a longer lasting physical happiness. The diet provides sustenance, energy and gives you the ability to live in your body. The workout cannot overcome the diet, however.

I have long been the person who worked out and then did some self destructive activity immediately following it. Yes, it is healthier to workout and be a little larger than skinny and never workout, but self destructive is not healthy either.

I think I need to separate the two mindfully. I need to workout for what it makes my body feel and able to do. I need to eat well because it tastes good, is a social experience (or so says Michael Pollen) and because it gives me the energy to live my life.

That shouldn't be so hard, should it?


  1. I definitely oscillate between working out and eats tons to not working out and eating bits and pieces. I like being thin, but I also like bring strong. I have accepted I am not Jennifer Anniston, but not really. :)

  2. I have realized, to my amazement, that not all people want to be strong. I love that about my body!

    You are such a great athlete and seem to have the best of both.